Streamlined Ocean Liner

1930’s: Model of a Streamlined Ocean Liner designed by Norman Bel Geddes. It would of had a displacement of 70,000 tons and a length of 1,083ft (332m). It would’ve had room for 2,000 First Class passengers along with 900 crew.

The Streamlined Ocean Liner was a design by Norman Bel Geddes for a streamlined steam-powered ocean liner.  It first appeared in Geddes’ 1932 book Horizonsand an outline patent was filed in 1933 with a detailed patent following in 1934. An offer was made for the rights to the design in the late 1930s, which Geddes refused, as he still hoped to sell it to an American shipbuilder, but the ship was never built.

Norman Bel Geddes was one of the first industrial designers in the United States. He was one of the pioneers of streamlining in design, producing ambitious and futuristic projects in the 1930s for vehicles, flying cars, aircraft, and consumer goods, only some of which were realized.

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Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti

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