One day a name began a journey       

“ITALMOTOR” was an old oil tanker,

was a very special tanker, one of the few equipped with two propellers and with many tanks able to always offer the perfect floating trim.

Tanker – Built in 1953 by Ansaldo, Sestri Ponente, for Italnavi
Soc. Di Navigazione SpA, Genoa.

DWT 26,278, Lft 191,3 mt., Width ft 25.0 mt., 2 diesel, 16.0 knots – 12.1976: demolished in La Spezia, Italy.

Today it is a trading and consulting company registered in Nigeria


Romano Pisciotti


Romano Pisciotti

After an important experience as naval officer,
I worked on behalf of important international companies in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Italy and Nigeria with full responsibility, in a managerial position.
I have actively participated at the business start-up of new operating units both in Italy and abroad.
I have been fully involved in the restructuring of companies and the regeneration of business activities. In my different experiences I was able to lead multi-ethnic work teams even in stressful environments.
I have lived for five years in Nigeria where I have had significant experiences as General Manager.
My current activities still bind me to Africa, in Lagos.
I have never neglected the professional upgrading by following courses at qualified universities.


Romano Pisciotti

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